Q: I have not managed household finances nor do I have any sense of whether I can stay in my house at my current standard of living.  Can you help?

A: Yes, definitely.  After listening to your concerns and what you hope to achieve, detailed financial projections will be created tailored to your goals and living expenses.  The goal is to see what your numbers look like for years into the future.

Q: The divorce process has been stressful and draining.  How can you help move this process along?

A: I work with your attorney to understand the issues and make financial projections based upon their legal advice.  As a financial planner, I focus on other issues such as health care, education funding, insurance protections, and more to ensure you have sound financial, legal and risk management protection.

Q: I have never managed nor do I understand pensions, IRAs, company retirement plans or annuities. This money is all I have.  How can you protect it?

A: Christopher Rhim, CFP®, CDFA™ has been investing money for over 28 years.  He is experienced in protecting your assets, growing your portfolio and explaining your investments and why you have them.  He will meet with you as much as you like, provide easy to understand reports and be available by email or phone at any time.