Why you should speak with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® before a lawyer?

If you have been thinking about separating from your spouse, one of the biggest concerns is money. Can I afford to be on my own? What if there are kids? What kind of support can I expect from my ex?

These can be overwhelming questions for anyone considering divorce.

Fortunately, an experienced Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® can not only explain your current financial situation but also model possible scenarios. Lawyers are neither qualified to do this nor, for liability reasons, will they do this. They are experts in law not personal finance.

How can this save me time and money?

By working with a CDFA® first, you will already have a strong understanding of your finances, debt, assets and a sense of what you will need to succeed on your own. While lawyers typically charge between $300 to $600 per hour, Green View Advisors, LLC charges $250 per hour (quote provided) for this analysis. By working first with a CDFA®, you will be in command of the numbers and can work more effectively and efficiently with your attorney thereby saving you time and money. Attorneys will ask you to complete a financial affidavit that includes income, expenses, debt and assets. By working with a CDFA® ahead of time, you will already have these numbers.

Why should I work with Chris Rhim and Green View Advisors, LLC?

Mr. Rhim has been a financial planner since the early 1990s working with couples, divorcees, widows and individuals.  He has a deep background and working knowledge of comprehensive financial planning and strong familiarity with a variety of financial instruments, employee benefits, taxation, estate and investment issues.  The divorce process is a negotiation that typically takes a minimum of 1 to 2 years.  In addition, the greater the marital estate, the longer the negotiations.  Upon final agreement, it is critical for a final review of the settlement terms and conditions particularly as it relates to the financial settlement and underlying financial security.  Mr. Rhim has reviewed dozens of settlement agreements ensuring desirable outcomes for clients.