The following are general guidelines on how we work with clients.  They may vary slightly depending upon individual client circumstances:

Phone Call or Introductory Meeting

We will meet with you to discuss your needs, goals and concerns.  We will outline the process we take which is comprehensive in nature.  Solutions are tailored to each individual and will evolve as we move forward.  This meeting is also to determine if there is a good fit between the two of us.

Client Questionaire and Contract

A Divorce/Financial Planning/Investment Management contract will be explained to you depending upon your needs.  The Client Questionaire provides an outline for you to gather information for the planning process.  We will also provide some required disclosures.

Planning Meeting

Once your data has been reviewed, we will prepare a written report with recommendations.  This may be either a preliminary or final report depending upon the scope and depth of the planning needs.


Following the final report, implementation is up to the client.  The advisor will assist and clarify but ultimate responsiblity for executing plan recommendations lies with the client.  The exception is for portfolio management where the advisor will open accounts, transfer and execute trades on behalf of the client.  Ongoing reporting to portfolio management clients is done on a quarterly basis.