Money or asset management is for individuals who desire independent, professional, objective investment advice.

At Green View Advisors, clients:

  • Obtain unbiased and objective advice.  Green View Advisors is an independent company unaffiliated with any other entity.  No referral fees, no conflicts of interest.
  • Are provided advice with a global perspective on issues that impact their investments
  • Are not sold to.  We have nothing to sell nor do we receive commissions.  Investments are selected on qualitative measures that best fit our clients’ needs.
  • Receive a quarterly memo detailing the economic climate and how it relates to their portfolio.
  • Have financial planning on an as needed basis.
  • Meet at least annually and more frequently if desired.

A client’s investable assets including IRAs, brokerage statements, 401ks and other retirement plan assets are fully reviewed. A detailed investment plan is drafted that shows the current portfolio and the recommended allocation. Of particular importance is the cost or tax basis of any investments in taxable accounts (i.e.: non-retirement plan or IRA accounts). The client is required to sign off on the investment plan prior to the implementation of any strategies. This ensures agreement and understanding on client the strategy, goals and objectives.

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