Investment Management

Portfolio management begins with a review of all inheritances, IRAs, pensions, annuities, brokerage accounts, CDs, cash accounts, trusts and any other assets you wish advice and management.  This review is comprehensive to understand its investment characteristics and whether this matches your Risk Tolerance and Investment Objectives.  Tax consequences of making any changes are understood and explained to the client prior to execution.

Financial Planning

This is a comprehensive process where we review client goals and match up their income, expenses and debts over the course of their lifetime.  Financial projections include a review of goals, taxes, income streams and can easily incorporate changes as circumstances arise.  This is an ongoing process where we encourage client participation.  We feel that better planning leads to better life outcomes.

Divorce Analysis

This service is provided to individuals involved in the divorce process.  It is recommended prior to speaking with an attorney to minimize legal fees.  The goal of this analysis is to organize client finances and gain an understanding of the key financial, tax and asset issues prior to mediation or commencement of the divorce filing.  Knowing what you have, what is possible and having strategies to manage your affairs will not only lead to more informed decisions but is empowering and will ultmately save you money throughout this process.